Monday, February 18, 2013

DIY Inexpensive Bookshelves

Understanding motives behind actions is what I am repeatedly explaining to my husband when I get DIY ideas in my head. Thus explaining this one. I want my son to feel comfortable in his space and have his reading area accessible to him whenever he feels the need to grab a book. His innumerable options of books need to have a bit more organization - thus sparking his new shelving.

I found these crates at Michael's - similar to this one, painted them and placed them across the floor but they were getting shifted all over the room. They now need a home of their own. The problem was the bottom has an opening that caused books to slide through. Our solution was to add a decorative base made from file folders. Cut them accordingly and place at the bottom of the crates to prevent books from sliding through. You can add however many crates you want for your shelves. We did two, but go ahead and line them up! I love these so much I might add them to the bathroom for extra toilet paper storage or towel storage!

STEP 1:  Paint Crate
STEP 2:  Add Decorative File Folder Base
STEP 3:  Nail To Wall
STEP 4:  Add Books!

My Little Helper :-)

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