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Rainbow Chard Soup Recipe

Sunday, February 22, 2015

 100% Vegetables and 100% Love!

Some of the most fun creations at home and in the kitchen come from our surroundings. While strolling the aisles at Whole Foods Market the other week (overwhelmed with what to make for dinner that evening) Rainbow Chard caught my eye. The reality is, I only bought it because it was on sale.

I have never really cooked with Chard before- slightly intimidated and afraid of it actually. I would guess to saute it in garlic and olive oil but my husband doesn't like that sort of texture in food. I searched Rainbow Chard soup recipes and decided to try it in soup- pureed to avoid any funky textures.

Traveling To June Lake, CA

Friday, February 20, 2015

June Lake is now one of my most favorite places to visit! It is a quaint little town nestled in the mountains about 20 minutes from Mammoth, California. This years Valentine's Day was spent with my precious little family tucked away in a cabin in the woods sipping warm drinks, making smore's and lots of new memories! (I saved all the family photos for the end, so scroll down if you just want to skip any boring stuff).

Now to recap how this trip went- it did not start off too pleasantly. First the air condition in my car stopped working. I know, it's winter- and you are probably laughing about that but I assure you driving through the 80 degree desert in California with two little ones is not going to be much fun without air condition in the car.

The long drive extended into an extra two hours of errands and fixing the car the morning we were leaving. We were all packed up and ready to roll, and start our 8 hour drive with a baby and three year old! Ahhh!

We started off by fixing the ac, getting gas, cash, and flea medicine for the dog before his weekend slumber party at the grandparents house.  My amazing "mister fix anything" husband worked on the car for about an hour - and TaDa! We have air condition! Now, time to go...

Our journey looked about like this the entire way. Nothing around and a lot of dead plants. And for some reason that was magically beautiful and peaceful. The boys did great on the drive playing and watching movies and surprising- it was a nice smooth drive there.

If you take this drive I highly suggest stopping in Bishop and eating at HOLY SMOKE TEXAS STYLE BBQ. Unbelievably good southern comfort food! We hit it up on our way home and our bellies were very grateful.

One of our random pull to the side of the road and feed the baby asap moments landed us at this Indian Wells landmark. This Indian Water Hole was the first water in site found in 1849 after five days of travel. I can not even begin to imagine traveling through the desert in the 1800's by stage coach not knowing what is over- or even how to get around the desert mountains.

And now to our destination...

We stayed in a friends cozy little cabin in the woods. Chase had such a great experience with the little bits of snow, pine cone treasures to be found, and exploring the woods with daddy.

Our first morning in June Lake was Valentine's Day. We had breakfast at the resort restaurant nearby. They have a spa and fitness center that I wish I checked out, but I had more fun practicing yoga every afternoon on the front deck. After breakfast we visited Mammoth and walked the village for the afternoon before heading to do some grocery shopping. Valentine's Dinner was spent at a local restaurant that served an all-you-can eat pizza buffet. The boys were stoked about that one:-)

 The next day we bought a sled and headed to a small sledding mountain about 10 minutes away from June Lake. Chase and Curren's first sledding experience!

Where there is snow, there are snow angels made!

After sledding Chase and daddy built a snowman. Funny that Chase kept asking the rest of the trip "where is my snowman?"

The ride home was a little rougher with the elevation decrease, but totally worth the drive. A little cabin in the woods vacation is checked off the list! Where to next?!

Rainbow Rice Craft

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Do you ever feel like life is just a giant roller coaster ride? Your adrenaline starts to build as you start uphill on the next project, goal or season in life. Then suddenly you drop, moving faster than you can control and there is that rush of excitement (or panic and fear)! And just when you are able to breathe again and think it over you start uphill again.

In our home this winter, the roller coaster ride we are on has been our whole family catching the "winter bug" that has been going around. One of us is sick... and just when you come downhill (from fear of someone else getting it) and can breathe again- the next family member is sick. Thankfully we are in the clear now and feeling much better!

Last weekend while during a cozy rainy Saturday we were all stuck inside getting rest, drinking tea and finishing healing up. But that is slighly challenging when you have active children who still want to play and all you want to do is lay on the sofa and watch Hallmark Channel Valentine's Day movies. Have you checked them out yet? Some of them are really cute and who doesn't love a little romance story?